Friday, July 31, 2015

Schoolwork made fun with Acer Switch 2-in-1 laptop

Portability, efficiency, and versatility are valued factors when it comes to notebooks. For students who regularly deal with dynamic academic activities, having a gadget built-in with these features can help set the groundwork to a successful school year.

“Tablets and laptops are now considered necessities for students since majority of their requirements are anchored online. For the youth, especially, having an efficient device just doesn’t cut it anymore. They need something that can complement their lifestyle as well,” says Manuel Wong, General Manager of Acer Philippines.


He continues, “Nowadays, having advanced features is no longer just the benchmark in measuring a gadget’s worth. You have to think of what the users need to really make a difference.”

Recognizing the exceptional needs of students, Taiwanese brand and leading Philippine notebook manufacturer Acer came up with the Aspire Switch 10 E. The model, which is a modified version of the earlier Switch 10, hits the sweet spot between a tablet and a laptop. It has versatility, mobility, and efficiency all rolled in a model designed for both work and play. 

Designed for students

The Aspire Switch 10 E comes with the new Acer Snap Hinge ™2 which makes it easy to snap the keyboard on or off with a simple push or pull. Students can easily use it in its tablet form for watching videos and snap it back to its notebook mode for typing tasks. The Switch 10 E can be switched to a total of four modes: notebook, tablet, tent, and display.

In terms of performance, this versatile laptop’s Intel quad-core processor gives it ample power to accommodate every student’s computing requirements. Switch between work and fun with its 12 hour battery life and enjoy usability with its Windows 8.1 software and pre-installed Microsoft Office programs. 

The Aspire Switch 10 E’s audio and visual components are even geared towards the demands of schoolwork. With its Acer VisionCare™ and Acer BluelightShield™ features, the users’ eyes are protected from stress-causing blue light during prolonged periods of staring at the screen. The 10 E also promises clear images with its IPS technology HD screen (made durable by ultra-tough Gorilla™ Glass) and great sound performance with its dual speakers.

Lastly, the Aspire Swich 10 E comes with a data protection component for assured information security. The Acer SwitchLock ™ secures HDD data of the user and only allows access to it once the tablet is snapped back with the keyboard. 

Work and Play

Acer’s commitment to provide for the specific needs of different users goes beyond just performance. Understanding that self-expression is also important for the youth, the Aspire Switch 10 E is made available in a range of trendy colors that complement its dynamic shape. 

Teens can choose from a variety of colors like blue, purple, white, black, pink and magenta to suit their taste and style. Add this to the textile-pattern texturing of the cover and you have one stylish device that can keep up with the demands of student life. 

Acer’s models are inspired by its #PullitOff! Campaign, an advocacy which calls out to students to face common school challenges like bullying with confidence. Other products included in the line-up of the campaign are the Acer Aspire Switch 11 and Acer Aspire Switch 12. 

Wong closes, “Technology plays a large role not only in our professional careers but our social lives as well. Students have varied interests and activities. If you can find a gadget that can help improve the way you live in both aspects, then you know you’ve found a good partner.” 

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KidZania Manila, The Play City Where Kids Do Big Things Happen

I have never been to a place like this where kids can enjoy the whole day! KidZania Manila is the newest entertainment for kids. A place where they learn, earn money, spend and save. It will surely be an unforgettable experience kids will cherish. 

And when kids work, they earn wages in KidZania’s currency called “KidZos.” The more they work, the more they earn. Kids can choose to save or spend what they earn – just like in real life.

More than just a family entertainment center, KidZania Manila creates a kid-centric experience where kids are in charge. KidZania partnered with over 40 real-world brands who help bring realism to the kid-sized city, providing children with reality-based activities and skills that they can use in real life.

The best place for the kids ever will officially open this Aug 7, 2015 at Park Triangle in Bonifacio Global City. KidZania Manila, the play city where kids do big things within 8,000 square meters of play space.

Upon entering, you must check in at Kidzania International Airport, whereby they will give you a boarding pass, city map, bank check of 50 KidZos, food stub from McDonald's and security bracelet  to ensure your kids will never leave the facility without the parents permission.

Photo Credit to Rockstar Momma

Photo Credit to Rockstar Momma

“We can’t wait for Filipino children to finally enjoy the unique role-play experience that KidZania Manila offers. Kids will play and learn together, figure out what makes a good city, and collaborate to help run their own community. Play at KidZania will spark dreams and imagination – empowering them to believe that they can make a better world,” says Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, State Governor for KidZania Philippines.

Role-play at KidZania provides a fun, authentic, and powerful developmental experience that helps prepare kids to understand and manage their world. KidZania’s tagline is “Get Ready for a Better World” and KidZania believes that realistic and imaginative role-play can promote change, inspire global citizenship, and build strong community awareness.

KidZania Manila is a play city built to scale for children – complete with paved streets, transport system, and a functioning economy. Every detail is intended to project authenticity: from the activity itself, to uniforms and costumes, to the work gear and tools – and even the city interiors.

There are a lot of activities that your kids will surely enjoy. From police officer to recording artist to urban farmer, kids can choose from over 100 immersive role-play activities. They can become firefighters to the rescue, pilots off to adventures, or even paramedics who save lives.

Photo Credit to Rockstar Momma

Photo Credit to STUCKWITH3.COM

They can open their own bank accounts, attend classes in the university, file their taxes, shop for necessities at the supermarket, and even drive electric cars.

Let your kids discover KidZania Manila, the city where kids do big things! KidZania Manila is open 7 days a week, with one shift Mondays through Thursdays, from 9am to 4am and two shifts on weekends (Friday to Sunday) and national holidays, from 9am to to 2pm for the first shift and 3pm to 8pm for the second shift. For more details on ticket prices and booking, visit the KidZania Manila website at Online ticketing goes live on August 3, 2015.